Yesterday, prior to a cold front moving in, it was a no wind, sunshiny Colorado day with air temp about 55.  I needed to paint a John Deere “D” tractor hood and normally 55 would be too cool to paint.  However: I placed that part in the sunshine and in about 15 minutes it was warm to the touch which was a good thing.  The paint job, to be nice, required 3 applications of paint with a few minutes of time between applications to allow the paint to get slightly tacky.  A friend of mine, north of Denver, is a good painter and his technique is similar.  Tractor enamel flows together well, doing that.  He and I also complain a lot about little black bugzz – sorta large gnats – who sniff out the volatility in wet paint and love to sit in it in warmer weather.  No way would I expect that yesterday – too cool for bugzz – but wouldn’t you know it … between paint applications 2 and 3 one of those little buggers found my paint project and proceeded to get stuck in it!  Aaaaaargh!!  Now I am thinking I should be politically correct and label that pesky wet paint sitter “an undocumented airborne immigrant insect of color.”

  Yeah … I know … where I come from they call somebody like me “not quite right!”             Mil Harr

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