July 2013 Back to Life

About 5 years ago I rescued a smaller rototiller from an iron pile, brought it home and set it along side my garage for Yard Art. There is no brand name but a brace between the handlebars says “Aurora Rentals.” The frame work is an Oliver green, the engine Massey Harris red. It has a 3 hp Briggs engine. In February I decided to see if I could bring it back to life. I started messing with it and the engine turned over and the spark plug wasn’t rusted in. With help from fellow member and small engine guy Don Blender, he provided some missing engine parts. I hope to bring it to the Anniversary Hobby Show & Potluck.      Les Parker

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Now that we are nearing completion of the club project of restoring the Farmall H, I would like to thank the members who contributed a little and to those that contributed a lot. We can all be proud of our accomplishment. We will enjoy showing and using this tractor in the years to come at club events.

Thanks to you all!                                                                Les Parker


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